SCARA Robotics & Assembly Automation

How does a SCARA Robot work? How can SCARA robots be used to automate assembly processes in your facility?

[Pictures of Stryver built SCARA robot systems and assembly automation system below]

SCARA is an abbreviation for “Selective Compliance Articulated (or Assembly) Robot Arm”. SCARA robots have four axes of motion, allowing great flexibility for picking and placing parts on a common 2D work plane. This limited range of motion allow SCARA robotic systems to move significantly faster than systems built with traditional six-axis robot arms. SCARAs can range in payload from 3kg to 20kg or more, allowing even the heaviest of parts to be processed efficiently. These small robot arms are a great, low cost way to pick and place small and lightweight components quickly. SCARAs are 2-3x less expensive than the most basic six-axis robotic arms on the market.

Some of the applications Stryver has found SCARAs robots to perform well include below:

  • Electronics / Semiconductor Manufacturing & Assembly Automation
  • Medical Device Manufacturing & Assembly Automation
  • Pop Riveting & Blind Riveting Manufacturing & Assembly Automation
  • Consumer Goods Manufacturing & Assembly Automation
  • Automotive Parts Assembly & Packaging Automation
  • Inspection & Testing Processing Automation
  • Pick & Place or Assembly within pre-existing Automated & Robotic Systems

When paired with bowl feeders, part holding magazines, bin picking software, robot guided vision systems, barcode scanning and other external automation assistance systems, SCARA robots can provide the automation capability necessary to fully automate your current process, from initial part loading to final no-touch inspection after processing. SCARA robots are offered by leading robot arm manufacturers, including Fanuc, KUKA, Epson, Yaskawa Motoman, Denso and others.

Stryver has experience integrating many of these SCARA robot brands, including Fanuc and KUKA. Stryver has automated desiccant tablet manufacturing, automotive heat shield riveting, grommet installation on a tail light, and electrode pick & placement with SCARA robots. Stryver has the knowledge and experience to automate your process with custom built SCARA automated assembly systems. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your project specifications to automate your process and increase your ROI.