Dedicated Welding Machines

What is a Dedicated Welding Machine? Why should I consider implementing a Dedicated Welding Machine in my process?

[Pictures of Stryver built Dedicated Welding Machines below]

A dedicated welding machine is a machine designed and built to complete a specific welding process only. The benefit to implementing a dedicated welding machine in your production welding process include less skilled labor required to use the machine to implement the welding process, and highly increased process efficiency. Welders are difficult to keep motivated completing a repetitive welding process, simplify the dedicated welding process to use a machine operator instead.

Below are the types of dedicated welding machines commonly implemented. Stryver has built each of these types of machines:

  1. Custom Spot Welding Machine. A custom spot welding machine uses linear spot welding heads in a configuration which allows one part type to be welded quickly. Custom spot welding machines are an cost effective and more time efficient alternative to spot welding robotic cells, and are particularly well suited for manufacturing wireframe assemblies.
  2. Modified Pedestal Welding Machine. A modified pedestal welding machine takes a standard pedestal welder and modifies it to weld a particular part mix as efficiently as possible. The welder can be one that is already on your floor, or a new one from a pedestal welder manufacturer. A turntable, slide table, or other device can be added to weld your part mix.
  3. Custom MIG Welding Machine. A custom MIG welding machine constrains parts for quick completion of a specific welding process. These machines can use a fixed welding torch and move parts underneath it, move the torch through a welding sequence, or be built to assist a human welder complete a task.
  4. Custom Ultrasonic Welding Machine. A custom ultrasonic welding machine is designed to complete ultrasonic welds for a specific part. Typically used to weld plastic, fabric, or other non-metallic components together. Our example ultrasonic welding machine below was used to weld thin layers of metal foil at low temperatures with no melting. Is typically more cost effective to implement and processes parts more efficiently than a robotic ultrasonic welding setup.

Do you want to maximize your welding output and improve product quality? Do you want to integrate quick and safe welding procedures into a manual production process? Let Stryver design a dedicated welding machine specifically for your organization’s needs.

Let Stryver implement a custom welding machine in your process to keep your workers safe and moving quickly. Use MIG and TIG welding stations to help your welders focus on what they do best while the machine handles your repetitive welding tasks. Reduce labor and equipment costs for your next program by using a dedicated welding machine to complete your process. Our team can design, build and integrate a solution into your production line that meets your needs. Please email your project specifics to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we will build you a high quality dedicated welding machine.