Robotic GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) Fixtures

Do you need proper fixturing for your robotic GMAW welding process to withstand the extreme temperature and repetition it will face during its life cycle? Let our team design and build the proper jig for your application.

Tooling is the heart of any robotic welding system. Correctly locating the datum features of the assembly, clamping points, and weld joint access are all critical components to the outcome of any robotic welding project. Fail-safe solutions are incorporated into every fixture so issues such as improper fusion, voids, weld beads, and weld porosity are prevented. Our team has the experience to make sure your tooling fully supports your robotic gas metal arc welding process.

GMAW fixtures are also designed to be as compact as possible. Fixtures are designed to ensure a controlled welding environment, locking components into place to minimize deflection with well designed clamping systems. Please take a look at our examples below to get a better idea of our tooling designs and strategies.