Redeployed Robotic Systems

Redeployed Robotic Cell Before After

Do you have a robotic arm or other automated system that is programmed to do an irrelevant task? Are you looking to cut costs and achieve great long-term results? Let Stryver put that robot back to work on your production line in a new custom-designed robotic system.

Stryver has designed many solutions using existing systems redeployed into a new application. Reusing existing systems with new tooling is an excellent way to save money on capital equipment costs. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution for your problem. We will ensure your company maximizes the return on its robotic equipment investments.

New is not always better. Sometimes buying and integrating a whole new robot or automated system is not the best solution if you already have one in place that could do the job if it were reprogrammed and re-fixtured. Our team can help your company achieve thousands of dollars in cost savings by retooling and reintegrating your current system into your new production scheme.

By redeploying your robotic system, your company can save significant amounts of time and money while achieving the same quality and precision a new robotic arm or automated system could deliver. Take a look at our examples of how Stryver has achieved significant cost savings for its customers by redeploying their existing robotic systems into new applications. Stryver can prove that with enough elbow grease and ingenuity, a previously used robotic system, when redeployed, can be just as good as new!