Mechanical Design

How does Stryver complete Mechanical Designs? What Mechanical Design software packages does Stryver primarily use?

[Pictures of some Stryver Mechanical Designs below]

Mechanical design can mean a variety of things. Sometimes, it is hard to know what to expect will be given to you from an integrator building your machine. At Stryver, when we say mechanical design, we mean we produce a 3D model that can saved out in a variety of file formats to give to our customer. The mechanical design (3D model) we provide is shop updated, which means it is as accurate as possible to the final product shipped. This ensures the prints our customer keeps on-hand are accurate. So when you need a replacement part for a machine we built years after it was installed, you can review the print package with confidence and know the print as drawn is accurate to the machine that shipped to you.

Some of the mechanical design services Stryver offers are listed below:

  • 3D modeling of machinery including fixtures & tooling, robotic systems and custom machines
  • 2D part detailing & assembly detailing
  • Bill of Material (BOM) creation
  • Reverse engineering fixture & tooling assemblies, machined parts, weldments & fabrications, die components, and machinery including robotic systems and custom machines
  • Mechanical design consultation

Our team primarily utilizes Solidworks CAD/CAM as our parametric design software package to model our projects, but we are also able to navigate programs drawn in other software packages such as AutoDesk Inventor, CATIA, SolidEdge, NX, and AutoCAD. Our team can handle every aspect of your project from initial concept development all the way to integrating the finished manufactured project into your production facility. Along the way, our team utilizes iterative, Agile methods to solve pertinent issues through compounding design reviews, design and manufacturing feedback, product trials, and close collaboration with our customer.

Our goal is your goal - to design and build the best possible solution for your unique situation. Stryver has the background and expertise to help out. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a proposal.