Machinery Case Studies

Stryver has extensive experience designing and building custom machines for production environments. We can provide you with a custom solution to perform almost any manufacturing process. Our team has years of experience integrating vision systems, barcode scanners, and other technology into our custom machines to ensure the possibility of error is minimized.

Our machines utilize Stryver’s best practices and lessons learned in design and manufacturing to be built as compactly as possible. Not only does this save valuable floorspace, it allows the operators to complete their processes as easily and efficiently as possible.

We can also refurbish used equipment to utilize in your current production sequence with the same performance as a new unit for less cost. If you have equipment that you would like to redeploy, we can make it happen on time and on budget.

See below for case studies describing machines we have built:

Dedicated Spot Welding Machine with Linear Spot Guns

Stryver custom designed, built, and integrated a spot welding machine with linear spot guns to complete (12) welds simultaneously for welding a stamped metal pan to a tubular frame. This saves our customer a lot of time and labor with each part made because they can complete all of these welds at once instead of through multiple processes and stations.

Coupler Fastening Inspection Gauge

Machinery can come in all sizes. This machine may be small, but it allows an operator to securely fasten a wiring coupler on-line with built-in error proofing. Additionally, this device feeds a record of successful fastening back to a database. This allows our customer’s quality department to keep a record showing the product was successfully fastened for their customer. Coupler fastening gauges are uniquely designed for your company’s assembly situation and requirements, no two are alike in concept or implementation.

Flexmat Installation Assembly Machine

A Flexmat is a spring and wire assembly that provides mechanical cushion to a seat. In this situation, Stryver designed and built a machine that allows an operator to easily install this assembly to a seat frame for a truck seat. The machine ensures all subcomponent pieces are properly datumed, sensed for presence, error proofed, and aligned. Safety features have been built out on the machine to prevent the operator from injuring themselves while using it. The machine was designed to be as compact and accessible as possible. A robust base weldment was fabricated to support the machine and all tooling was installed onto a thick plate.

Custom Riveting Machine

Stryver designed and built this riveting machine to rivet stampings together for an automotive application. The riveters operate at high speed and the tooling allows an operator to place parts easily with minimal opportunity for error.