Fabrication & Weldments

What is a weldment? What kind of capabilities does a machine shop need to make a precision machined fabrication or weldment?

[Pictures of Stryver made Fabrications and Weldments below]

Fabrications and weldments can be difficult to buy. Because of how weldments are made, their finished dimensions are generally inexact due to deformation that occurs during the welding process. Residual stress built up inside welded fabrications can cause issues when machining the fabrications to print, as the welded assembly can shift during machining as stress points inside the material relax. It is challenging to get fabrication projects done on time and to the correct specifications because many job shops do not have experienced welders on staff. Even if the welders on staff are experienced, few have experience welding precision assemblies that are expected to be machined to rigid tolerances after completion.

To fabricate precision weldments, a fabrication shop must have the capabilities below or have the ability to easily source these capabilities with quick deliveries:

  • An in-house welding shop with the right power supplies on-hand to weld your parts. At Stryver, we have the ability to weld MIG and TIG weldments, as well as complete plasma cutting operations
  • A machine shop with machines sized to process your weldment. We have CNC machines that have travel up to 84” x 40” x 30”, as well as boring mills that can machine workpieces up to 96” x 120”
  • A grinding operation, or a good relationship with local grinding shops. At Stryver, we do not have grinders but we have built relationships with 3-4 grind shops locally
  • A burnout or waterjet cutting operation. Stryver has built good relationships with local waterjet cutting and burnout manufacturing suppliers
  • A stress relieve operation. Stryver has built relationships with local heat treat and stress relieve manufacturers that can handle the largest weldments.
  • A paint shop. Stryver has an in-house paint shop capable of painting even the largest weldments. We have painted weldments up to 16 feet tall before!

Not only does Stryver weld fabrications for our own projects [robotic cell bases & risers, welding fixture frames, custom machine and press frames, assembly tooling fabrications], we also weld fabrications per print for our customers. Our welders have years of experience welding fabrications together, large or small, MIG or TIG, exotic materials or not. Make sure your weldment is made to its proper specifications. Trust Stryver welders to fabricate it right the first time, even with tight finish and machined tolerance callouts on your prints.