End-Of-Arm Tooling

Do you want your robotic arm to move material more efficiently? Do you have a new product moving through your production sequence that cannot be accommodated by your current robotic arm? Are you looking to move materials under extreme conditions in a controlled environment? Let Stryver help with an end of arm tooling solution custom designed for your application.

End of arm tooling (EOAT) can help your product move more quickly and safely, reducing seconds of process time and saving thousands of dollars in rework costs. Implementing robot grippers can also improve the precision and handling of your parts, ensuring every part is carefully placed in the same exact spot to prevent damage. EOAT tooling in conjunction with a robotic system keeps your labor force away from the most dangerous, monotonous, and strenuous portions of the production process. Put your robots to work moving your parts with the precision and care your customers desire with Strver’s end of arm tooling solutions.