End-Of-Arm Tooling

What is EOAT [End-of-Arm Tooling]? When do I need a CUSTOM End of Arm Tool for my application?

[Pictures of Stryver built robotic End of Arm Tools below]

End of arm tooling, also knows as grippers, robotic grippers, or end effectors, are a tool that is placed on the end of a robot to allow the robot to complete its task. An end of arm tool can be as simple as a suction cup to vacuum parts for pick and place, or as complicated as you can imagine.

While off-the-shelf grippers can be purchased to accomplish simple tasks, there a very few applications where a 100% off the shelf gripper will complete the material handling process without modification. That’s where a systems integrator like Stryver is needed to finish the job. Normally the end of arm tool’s gripper jaws will need to be modified to properly hold a part, a part presence sensor will need to be added to ensure the part is oriented appropriately, a transition plate will need to be added to the robot arm to hold the gripper, and often multiple gripping heads will be needed on the same arm. Some applications also require multiple types of grip, like vacuum & mechanical gripping. If any of these requirements are needed, a custom gripper will be required for your application.

Here are some of the aspects Stryver typically considers when building a robotic End of Arm Tool:

  1. How can the gripper’s weight be minimized but still pick the part(s) required for the process?
  2. What type of grip is needed? Stryver has built mechanical, vacuum and magnetic grip systems
  3. Does any data collection or process need to occur for a proper pick?
  4. Does any part isolation (bin pick, shaker table, random grab) need to occur for a proper pick?
  5. What kind of access will the EOAT tooling be allowed to have within a current process?

The size, shape, and requirements for custom end of arm tools vary greatly by requirement. Stryver has designed & built custom grippers to move everything from medical device films, foils, grommets, and rivets to car seats, laundry detergent containers, weld tools and more. We have experience modifying current production lines to add & integrate in new end of arm tools to accommodate new products, as well as designing & building entirely new material handling systems for warehousing & production environments. Our custom grippers have been designed to handle everything from dirty weld spatter & dust to stringent clean room requirements. Custom sensing, barcode reading & vision strategies can also be implemented to collect production data, ensure proper part assembly & verify part quality.

Custom End of arm tooling (EOAT) can help your product move more quickly and safely, reducing seconds of process time and saving thousands of dollars in rework costs. Implementing custom built robot grippers tailored to your process can also improve the precision and handling of your parts, ensuring every part is carefully placed in the same exact spot to prevent damage. EOAT tooling in conjunction with a robotic system keeps your labor force away from the most dangerous, monotonous, and strenuous portions of the production process.

See below for examples of custom End of Arm Tools Stryver has designed & built for our customers.