Assembly Tooling

Are you having issues with low-quality assembly line fixtures that cannot withstand the needs of your production? Frequently replacing assembly jig components and tools? Get higher quality, longer lasting results with assembly line tooling designed and built by Stryver Manufacturing.

Use Stryver's fixturing knowledge to build your assembly line fixtures & tooling. Our company has over 25 years of experience designing fixtures and tooling for robotic welding, which is among the most difficult operational environments. Stryver will engineer a solution that can withstand thousands of operator interactions per day without wearing out the operator or the tool. Whether your pallet is for your assembly process in a manufacturing environment, an inspection process in a distrubution environment, or for testing and prototyping, our pallet solution will be designed to meet your specific needs. Fixturing that withstands the needs of our customer's production for years is our company's core competency, so let us put our knowledge to use for you on your assembly line.