Build to Print Assemblies

What is a Build to Print Assembly? How can I determine if an integrator can build machinery to the print package I need built?

[Pictures of Build to Print Assemblies made by Stryver below]

A Build to Print assembly is a term commonly used when an equipment manufacturer builds and tests an assembly to a customer’s prints. This practice is completed because a customer has received the assembly and needs another copy of the assembly built, but does not have the ability to build the assembly in-house. Build to print mechanical assemblies are most common, although build to print hydraulic assemblies, build to print pneumatic assemblies, and build to print electrical assemblies are also commonly needed.

Here are some of the criteria Stryver would recommend considering when evaluating whether or not a shop can build your assembly to print in the way you would like done:

  1. Does the shop demonstrate a good quality of work and craftmanship?
  2. Does the shop have experience building assemblies similar to the assembly you are looking to have built?
  3. Does the shop have the knowledge necessary to understand the drawing callouts and equipment function to build it properly so it will perform as expected?

At Stryver, we put our work forward and stand behind it every day. Our website displays hundreds of example pictures from past projects to show our level of quality and construction. We build high quality, durable equipment that will withstand a tough lifecycle, and a long service lifecycle following. Stryver has vast amounts of experience building machinery representative of each of the subcategories listed on our website, and have the example work shown to prove it.

Stryver has the ability to navigate print packages of amazing complexity and detail, created by designers from around the globe. Stryver has built to prints from designers based in the USA, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere around the globe. Navigating purchased item callouts from manufacturers that do not even sell their product in this country is no issue for us, as we have built good relationships with distributors that can access these kinds of products and have the capability to reverse engineer the functionality of items if needed.

Our employees are multi-talented and highly skilled, allowing them the flexibility necessary to get your project done right as efficiently as possible. We can take your design and make it a reality. Our team specializes in building Mechanical Assemblies, Detail Assemblies, Pneumatic Assemblies, Hydraulic Assemblies, and Electrical Assemblies. From small, simple hand tools to complex machinery, Stryver has the ability to build your equipment how you would build it yourself if you had the time and resources to build it yourself. Trust our team at Stryver to get the job done right.