Riveting Machines

What is a Riveting Machine? What types of Riveting processes can be automated, and how should these riveting processes be automated most efficiently?

[Pictures of Stryver built Riveting Machines below]

A riveting machine is a custom machine designed and built specifically for a particular riveting process. Riveting is a  processes used to fasten two laminated materials together, typically metallic materials, with a metallic fastener called a rivet. Riveting processes are ideal to automate because of their repetitive nature and high input force required to complete the task.

There are two primary types of production riveting processes, Orbital Riveting and Pop (Blind) Riveting. Both processes can be easily automated. Stryver has years of experience completing automation of each riveting process type. A description of each process type is below:

  • Orbital Riveting. This process typically uses a riveting press head to hammer a rivet shaft down to fasten two or more parts together. The riveting presses can be easily installed into a custom riveting station or be integrated into a robotic cell. Orbital riveting is used to fasten rivet types including solid rivets, tubular (hollow) rivets, semi-tubular rivets, and compression tubular rivets, among others.
  • Blind (Pop) Riveting. This process typically uses a riveting gun to snap the mandrel shaft off of the rivet after it is inserted into a hole through multiple laminated sheets. This causes the blind rivet end to expand and curl around the hole opening to fasten the laminated sheets together. Pop Riveting can be easily automated. A robotic arm can carry a blind (pop) riveting gun to each rivet location on a part. A rivet feeder can feed blind rivets to a pick point for the robot to grab. Stryver has built automated riveting equipment using this process to increase output efficiency.

Stryver has built standalone riveting machines that allow an operator to load and unload parts in a safe riveting station, with poke yokes, part validation & data collection built in for riveting process confirmation. If you are looking to automate even further, Stryver has experience building robotic riveting systems with bowl fed rivets, automated stamping load & unloading, and vision to confirm rivets are fully fastened and seated. Stryver has even built riveting systems where the robotic arm holds the workpiece while the riveting process is completed!

Stryver has the experience and knowledge to be the best partner to design, build & integrate your riveting machine. Let us put our knowledge to work for you to build a machine that will complete your process in the most efficient, repeatable, and certifiable way possible. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your project specifications so we can prepare a proposal for you.