Small Side-By-Side Work Cell [starting at $94,900]

Bring your own Robot, or let Stryver add a new Robotic Arm to this cell for you!

Cost includes the PLC and HMI for the cell, controls buildout, and building an RIA/OSHA compliant safety circuit

Save design time and cost. Lead time 12-16 weeks* ARO. Compatible robots, CAD Files, and Info Packets below:

Features and Benefits of the Small Side-By-Side Work Cell include below:

  • Compact 96" x 120" cell footprint. Weldment base with fork pockets on (3) sides
  • (2) 30" x 40" tooling plates allow operator to load one tool while the robot processes parts on the other tool
  • Roll-up style safety doors guard operator from weld flash in arc welding cell setup
  • Can accommodate rotary external axis to rotate parts on fixture if desired
  • Designed for Arc Welding and Grinding. Can also be used for Assembly, Packaging, Riveting, Cutting and Screwdriving / Bolt Torqueing applications
  • Can accommodate bowl feeder(s) and parts magazine(s) if desired for increased process automation
  • Interlocked side door allow easy access to entire cell footprint

Purchased Components for Robotic Workcell include below:

  • Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix PLC, or comparable PLC / safety controller combination can be swapped out if desired
  • Automation Direct C-Mor series HMI, 15" model or broadcast to monitor at cell, or comparable HMI
  • Stelron or comparable servo-driven rotary turntable
  • Electrical cabinet buildout with Eaton circuit Breakers, Rhino power supplies, Panduit wireway, Hoffman electrical boxes
  • Keyence brand light curtains, cell door interlocks, and other safety items to make robotic cell OSHA/RIA safety compliant

Small Side-By-Side Work Cell accommodates 6-axis Robots and SCARA robots, including below:

  • Fanuc ArcMate Robots, M-10i series,M-20i series SCARAs
  • Yaskawa Motoman MA series & AR series robots (example - MA1440 & AR1440), GP12, GP25, GP50
  • ABB IRB 1300- IRB4600 robots
  • Certain types of Nachi, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and other robots. Please ask for specific models
  • Lead time is an estimate based on normal shop capacity and normal purchased component deliveries. Actual lead time is subject to shop capacity and purchased component lead times when order is placed
  • Tooling, bowl feeder or part magazines, vision systems, robot, and any other options not listed above are not included in quoted price. Starting price is subject to change based on market conditions and project requirements
  • Provided robot needs to be re-registered to the application with all previous code wiped clean. Robot needs to be functional and able to be powered on to be eligible to drop into standard cell. Stryver can refurbish robots for T&M, please see our Contract Services page

Download Links

  • Brochure (.pdf)
  • CAD File (.step)