Electrical & Pneumatic Design

There are many benefits to choosing an integrator with highly skilled craftsmen employees, instead of one with low skill labor directed by managers. One of the biggest benefits is the quality of work. Nowhere on the fixture is an individual employee's contribution more apparent or noticeable than on a fixture's wiring & plumbing. At Stryver, our machine builders copper plumb our fixtures in house. Copper plumbing is our preferred method of routing air lines for actuating pneumatic cylinders. We take the extra time to thread our wiring through silicone sleeving on many of our tools too. They are small touches, but important ones to build a tool that lasts 20 years, not two years.

Most of our customers have different, well-established standards and specifications we follow to ensure their tools are built exactly as needed. Once the customer specifications are received, they drive all aspects of the fixture or machine design, especially the electrical and pneumatic design. For instance, in some cases our customers prefer a micro PLC onboard the fixture to control the electrical and pneumatic components. Additionally, we frequently place opto buttons directly on our fixtures to allow the operator to cycle the tool for this fixture are shown below with their guarding.

How we build the inside of the electrical box is just as important as how we build the electrical components out on the fixture. Cables are routed and protected, and all components are spaced so air can flow in the box to minimize the possibility of overheating. We ensure the wiring is neatly arranged and all connector ends are properly labelled prior to arriving at your facility

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