Weld Inspection

How do you know if you have a good weld? It is tough to tell with a careful look if a weld is OK, even if it can be easy to spot if a weld is not good. That is where Stryver can help you out and determine whether or not you have a good weld.

If you are looking to ramp up for production on a machine and need third party weld verification inspection, Stryver technicians can inspect your welds. We have an inspection lab on-site that is set up to handle destructive weld tests, like cut and etch macro etch weld inspection. Our equipment includes an Olympus SZX7 microscope capable of up to 112x magnification and PAX-it software for analyzing the welds once the cut and etch process is complete. Stryver offer full-service macro etch weld inspection services to allow your team the quality verification necessary to ensure you are making good parts. We also can offer non-destructive welding services.

In addition to our in-house inspection services, Stryver can build you a custom welding inspection machine to help you complete regular weld checks on your own production floor. From a simple check gauge to a complete nondestructive weld inspection machine, Stryver can build the device you need to ensure a quality weld.

Our custom designed and built testing machines can thoroughly ensure your products are meeting your production goals. Whether the application is testing torques, ensuring your welds are up to par, dimensional testing, or other critical aspects of your product, a custom testing machine from Stryver is a great way to simplify your process and meet your customers’ needs.