About Us

Our Experience

Stryver Manufacturing has decades of experience in advanced manufacturing. Our company has handled many types of jobs, from designing and building large robotic welding systems to fabricating small, precise metal parts. Our customers come from a variety of industries, including automotive, aviation, transportation, defense, appliance, oil and gas refining, heavy machinery, and packaging.

Stryver Manufacturing provides world-class, innovative, efficient, and affordable solutions for the unique design and production issues your organization faces. We utilize the latest technologies to create solutions which will last for years to come. In particular, Stryver's core design and manufacturing compentencies include:

  • On-site Service Work and Controls Programming
  • Build to Print - You Design It, We Build It
  • Contract Machining
  • Spin Rivet Assembly Machines
  • Wire Bender Integration
  • Torsion Spring Machine for Seat Recliners
  • Automated Drilling Machines
  • Brazing Fixtures
  • Resistance Welding Machines
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Fixed Torch Welding Machines and Welding Lathes
  • Check Fixtures and Quality Gages
  • Assembly Machines and Fixtures
  • Testing Equipment & Maintenance Stands
  • Holding Fixtures - laser cutting, water-jet cutting, finish welding, etc.
  • Design & Build Robotic Systems
  • Design & Build Special Machines

Our Workforce

Over 90% of Stryver employees possess 10 or more years of experience with Stryver. Over this time, our employees have learned how to work in many roles to ensure jobs get done fast and done well. They are experts in their fields, and ensure quality results are the top priority. That is why we can consider them to be artisans.

Our Perspective

​Our company has a diverse background. From manufacturing recreational vehicles in the 1930's to designing and building turnkey robotic systems today, we have produced a wide variety of products throughout our history.

Today, we specialize in the high tech needs of manufacturing companies. With products like automated weld fixtures, custom production machines, material handling equipment, and robotic systems, our equipment is designed to increase your productivity. We are your full service, turnkey robot systems integrator. Our equipment is currently serving companies throughout North America. We are a unique company with the experience and knowledge to provide you with the right equipment to get the job done.