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Weld Fixtures

Stryver is a recognized leader in robotic and manual weld fixtures.   Whether your need is simple manually operated fixtures, or fully automated robotic fixtures, Stryver can provide you with a quality product, delivered on-time at a reasonable cost.  Our fixtures are built for the long haul, designed to save you money over the life of the program.

Stryver Manufacturing Weld Fixture Video Gallery

Robotic Weld Fixtures


Robotic MIG Weld Fixture for Automotive Seating

Robotic RSW Weld Fixture for Automotive Seating

Manual MIG Welding Fixture for Automotive Assemblies

Robotic MIG Weld Fixture for Cross Car Beam

Manual Tack Welding Fixture for Heavy-Duty Axles

Robotic MIG Welding Fixture For Automotive Seating

Robotic MIG Welding Fixture Small Automotive Subassemblies

Robotic MIG Weld Fixture for Automotive Steering Column

Manual MIG Welding Fixtures for Automotive Seating

Robotic MIG Welding Fixture for Automotive Seating

Manual MIG Fixture For Heavy-Duty Assemblies

Manual MIG Welding Fixture for Automotive Subassemblies

Robotic MIG Welding Fixture for Table Frames

Robotic MIG Welding Fixture Close-up

Automotive Seating Fixture Close-up

Robotic MIG Welding Fixture

Trailer Axle Weld Fixtures

Manual MIG Welding Fixture


More than just automotive, our fixtures are in use around North America producing items like loader arm booms, tractor cabs, trailer equipment, hospital equipment, mower decks, bicycle frames, and construction machinery. 



Weld Spatter Protection

In a welding environment, your biggest enemy is weld spatter.  At Stryver, we design and build the best permanent weld spatter protection into each of our weld fixtures.  This includes the use of copper tubing for air lines.  Fixture details that are specially coated for weld spatter resistance and easy cleaning.   Fire resistant sheathing and flexible armored conduit covers the wiring.  NEMA enclosures for the protection of electrical components.  In extreme spatter areas, exotic materials such as Elkonite or Ampco are often used. Application specific, custom designed guards are installed on nearly every weld fixture we deliver.

There are various specialty coatings that we often used to protect the fixture details.  All of these coatings work well when used in the right application.  Which one is used will normally be determined by the application and / or customer preference.


Specialty Materials

Details made from Elkonite or Ampco. Specialty coatings on steel and aluminum details. Both provide for easy clean-up and extended detail life.

Electrical Components

NEMA enclosures, metal wireways, flexible armored conduit, and fire resistent sleeve is used to protect expensive electrical components.

Custom Guards and Covers

Custom made guards help protect critical fixture components. Sensors are guarded with a special sleeve.

Copper Air Lines

Copper tubing or armored flexible tubing helps protect against air leaks caused by spatter, and saves you from costly down time.