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Controls & HMI's

Stryver personnel have a great deal of experience with system and fixture controls, including various types of PLC system controls such as Allen-Bradley, Omron, Pilz, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and others.  We often use Remote I/O & DeviceNet communication. For many applications we will include small PLC controllers right on-board a fixture.  We do all of our panel building and wiring in house and we go to great lengths to provide a neatly and efficiently wired product.  We also can retro-fit older equipment with slip-ring kits.  We also offer a variety of HMI's or operator displays.  This includes touchscreen and industrial computers.

Color Panel View HMI

Main Electrical Panel & Disconnect

Touchscreen Interface

Micrologix PLC On-board a Weld Fixture

Junction Box and Panel

Pedestal HMI

Operator Interface Station

Custom PC Touchscreen

Slip-ring Retro-fit

Safety PLC

System PLC

Close-up View of HMI Screen